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Patchwork and Patterned tiles

patchwork and patterned tilesVery Brief History of Patchwork and Patterned Tiles

In the 1860s geometric and encaustic tiled floors began appearing in public buildings, churches and the more expensive Victorian villas, and by the 1890s they had become an essential feature in most Victorian terraced houses. As such we now tend to think of patchwork and patterned tiles as a means of adding substance and colour to a room scheme.


Using these geometric designs

From Moorish to Japanese style, retro to vintage, and everything in between, patterned tiles come in thousands of different designs and can make a real impact in any room, whether on the floor, as a splash back or across a whole wall.

So, how do you bring the flair of a patterned tile into the modern home without it looking overpowering?

If you aren’t afraid to experiment with a combination of bold colours and striking patterns, then you’ll be really en vogue at the moment. Many top designers are incorporating vivid patterns into their designs. Follow their lead by creating a vibrant rhythmic pattern across a large surface area for a really bold wall-to-wall statement.

This can be striking - but also overwhelming so to prevent it dominating the room, think about using a softer colour and pattern.Look at our Loire floor tile range, (Bottom Left) for example, which offer a hint of pattern and uniqueness without being too bold or brash.

When using lots of colourful patterned tiles, it’s important to isolate them with lots of low-key neutrals in the scheme to enhance the beauty of the pattern. Keep the rest of the design simple to ensure different features aren’t competing for attention

valentino loite

If you’re a little more cautious then there is still plenty you can do to add patterned tiles to your décor. Highlighting a small space is a great way of incorporating patterned tiles into your scheme and to brighten up an otherwise plain area. A cooker splash back is an excellent place to use patterned tiles, and gives an exotic feel to a kitchen. Our Valentino range of wall tiles (above right)is perfect for this look.

Mix the designs up for an eclectic look

For a homely, eclectic look mix and match with a range of plain and patterned tiles. You can be very bold here and make a real statement with several different patterns and colours and it will create a space that is utterly unique. Our Quilt range of wall tiles is perfect for this.

patchwork and patterned tiles

On the floor

Patterned floor tiles can make a real statement too, whether it’s a small area or the whole floor. To make a feature area of your floor, use brightly coloured patterned floor tiles in one particular area to create a rug-like effect. This looks particularly striking just inside the front door, or underneath a dining table. You could also use patterned border tiles to frame a larger section of simpler tiles to give interest.