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Pick A Patterned Floor

What better time is there to completely change the look of a room than the New Year, and you only need change one thing to give any room an entirely new feel. Patterned floor tiles can do so much more than look great, they can bring a whole room together and give it cohesion.

Patterned floor tiles are becoming increasing popular because of the vast range of options available; boldly coloured, geometric, patchwork, Moroccan, Encaustic – there’s so much variety to choose from, and whatever your style there is a patterned floor tile that will suit.

A patterned floor tile can bring a modern feel to an otherwise neutral or traditional style room. A minimalist kitchen, for example, might look a bit clinical but can be brought alive by an energetic patterned floor. If you’re a lover of pattern and want other patterned elements in the room too then be careful it doesn’t clash with the floor, unless of course you’re looking for that eclectic bohemian look. 

For a patterned floor to really stand out and be the ‘star of the show’ you’ll want simple, neutral furniture and accessories - the lively floor will bring them to life. Bold patterned floor tiles can be showcased beautifully in a white room, but add a few accent colour accessories here and there, or choose furniture that picks out just one of the colours in the floor tiles to unify the room.

Consider the size of the pattern too, a small room will sit better with a smaller sized pattern, while a larger pattern will hold its own and make more of a statement in a large room without feeling too overbearing. Hallways in particular are perfect for showing off your exuberance with a patterned floor tile, impressing visitors as soon as they walk through the door.

A patterned floor needs careful consideration, choosing the perfect tile is not a decision that should be taken lightly but, choose wisely and your patterned floor will complement your home rather than compete for attention, and you will create a truly bold and unique edge to your décor.