Marylebone Light Grey

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  • Code: TEMY376 Finish: Gloss
    Length: 300mm Material: Ceramic
    Width: 75mm Suitability: Indoor, Wall
    Thickness: 9mm

    Marylebone Light Grey Metro Kitchen Tile

    The Marylebone range is a sleek and sophisticated metro tile. Marylebone is proud of the classic metro tile characteristics; it has a bevelled edge and a glossy finish. This extenuates the pattern you use when fixing the tile to the wall. Options include the classic brick-bond or subway pattern, stack-bond or off-centre. Because of the long shape of the Marylebone tile, off-centre would be a good option to choose to be a little different from the crowd.

    Choose from 5 classic colours – white, light grey, dark grey, cream and rosso red. The strong bevelled edge will add character and personality to your kitchen or bathroom and is especially effective at creating an understated room scheme. Add contrasting bold accessories to these classic colours to complete the look.

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