Reverse Metro Dark Grey Plain Gloss

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  • Code: TERM15DG Finish: Gloss
    Length: 150mm Material: Ceramic
    Width: 75mm Suitability: Indoor, Wall
    Thickness: 9mm

    Reverse Metro Dark Grey Plain Gloss Metro Tile 150 x 75mm TERM15DG

    Metro tiles come in a huge variety of designs and the Reverse Metro adds a new twist to the classic retro design. Elements are taken from the classic metro tile; a glossy finish that bounces light around the room and spins the classic bevelled edge around to form the Reverse metro tile! Benefits of using a bevelled edge include framing individual tiles to place more emphasis on each tile, which also works for the Reverse metro. To mix things up and add your own creative flair to your bathroom or kitchen wall, combine the Reverse Metro tile with the classic plain metro tile.

    DESIGN TIPS for a professional finish: Consider staggering the mix of Reverse and Plain Metro Tiles in the same colour, allowing the light in the room to create the subtle design. Alternatively, you could mix and match the contemporary colours available such as the light and dark grey for a cool Scandinavian look.

    The Reverse Metro tiles could be limited to particular areas in the room, such as the shower, sink or near the window. Or even used as a horizontal border or vertical strip to create the illusion of making the room feel wider or taller.

    PLEASE NOTE We recommend ordering samples before making a purchase as shade variation may occur.

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