Measure Your Room

This guide gives you a step by step walk through on how to work out the m² of your room making it easy to work out how many tiles you need for your project. The added bonus of working out your measurements is that if you insert them into the tile calculator on the Tileflair website every tile shown on our online shop will give you the price per tile AND your project price!

Measuring up the wall or floor

Step one: measure the total area of the space

First of all measure the width of the wall/floor (a)

Then measure the height (b)

Times the width and height together to calculate the total area of your wall/floor (axb) = X

Measure 01

Step two: take out any obstructions

When working out your measurements, it is important to take out any obstructions that do not need tiling such as a window or door. To work out the area of these obstructions calculate the width and the height of the window/door.

c x d = Y (area of door)

e x f = Z (area of window)

Y + Z= total area for obstructions

Measure 02

Step three: put it all together

Finally, after you have worked out both the area of your room and the area of your obstructions you can work out the total m² to calculate the amount of tiles needed for your wall/floor.

a x b = X (area of room)

c x d = Y (area of door)

e x f = Z (area of window)

X – (Y + Z) = Total area (m²)

Measure 03

Additional calculations:

Adding a border

You may want to break up your tile design by adding a border. Here we show you how to work out the size of your border in linear metres.

Measure the circumference (space from wall to wall) = (g)

Then add together the width of any obstructions e.g. the door (d) + the window (e)

Minus the total obstructions (d+e) from the circumference of the wall (g) to work out the length of the border in linear metres.

Measure 04

It’s as simple as that!

We hope this guide has helped you avoid becoming wrapped up in a tape measure. Now all you need to do is input your calculations into our tile calculator and we will do the rest. Finally, remember to bookmark this page for future reference- you never know when it may come in handy!