Tile Design Ideas

There are a lot of tile design ideas for kitchens and bathroom. Here at Tileflair we live by our name – we both live and love tiles! So you are in good hands for tile design advice and ideas.

Firstly take a look at which styles are available – this is a great starting point for any tile project, whether you choose the tiles first or last.


Each style has its own ‘rules’ in regards to tile design. For example, contemporary design such as urban chic or hotel chic follows a more simplistic design, where less is more – no clutter with a strong emphasis on line and form.

Stone effect and country kitchens tend to opt for more natural finishes, nothing glossy here. Earthy colours with a close connection to nature such as travertine, limestone and wood effect fit perfectly. Modular floor tile designs also fit well with this style.

All tile designs are rooted to the style they fit best with. Once you have an idea of the style that appeals most, it is easier to choose colours and accessories. Each style listed above has plenty of tile design examples if you click on them. Plus there are a number of tried and tested tile design pattern templates detailed below.

You can always get free, no obligation advice from the Tileflair helpdesk – we are happy to help!

Some Layouts to Consider

Tiles are able to influence the size perception of your room – depending on the design template you choose you can make the room feel taller or wider. You can add detail to the room, especially with metro tiles which is further highlighted with matching or contrasting grout colour. You can also highlight certain areas such as kitchen splashbacks or sanitary wear in the bathroom by introducing a zone of colour or texture.

Take a look at the design ideas below and speak to helpful and knowledgeable Tileflair staff to guide you through the best possible choices, giving your tile project a professional finish.

Pattern 01
Pattern 02
Pattern 03