Tile Trim

So, you’ve chosen your tiles – your bathroom is going to look stunning. But have you thought about how you’ll finish off the edges?

Tile Trim

Perfect your Tile Project with Tile Trim

They say that the devil is in the detail, and completing your tiling job to a high spec by finishing the visible edges with tile trim means that the detail is taken care of. A tile trim will finish the edges of the tiled area and where tiles go around corners, making the job look neat and tidy, and more professional.

tile trim

But tile trim is not just for aesthetic purposes, it also helps to protect the tiles. Without trim you may find that the edge of a tile is exposed. This exposed edge could attract water, which could affect the integrity of the tile and result in damage and cracking. So edging with tile trim is an important part of your tiling project.

But finishing off is not about sticking a strip of cheap white plastic down the edge of your luxury tiles. There is a plethora of different colours and finishes available, so you can have almost as much fun with the tile trim as you did choosing the tiles themselves.

Tile trim

When it comes to choosing your trim, consider carefully. You’ll want one that will suit your tiles as well as the type of aesthetic you’re looking to achieve. Our new range of Schlüter Trendline, for example, are quality products that take tile trims to a whole new level of sophistication. They are very strong and hardwearing and come in a choice of colours to closely match the colour of your chosen tile, or contrast with it. They also come in a choice of shape to give a variety of professional edges to your tiling. They provide a neat and stylish finish that frames the tiles and protects the edges.

It’s all too easy to forget these finishing touches because the edge doesn’t get so much attention, but they are an integral part of the overall design, as well as a protective measure against damage to the tiles, and without them your bathroom is incomplete. Adding tile trim can make the difference between a mediocre job and a professional tiling design masterpiece.

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