Tiles and mosaics are versatile and create innovative surfaces. Tile designs can contain as much or as little colour, texture, light and shape as your planned scheme will allow. You can literally paint pictures with tiles and mosaics.


Some of the words above highlight examples of where mosaics provide options where other surface coverings are unsuitable, such as on curved or awkwardly shaped areas. Mosaics can and will transform the plainest of tiles into a sleek and sexy space. Not to mention the colourful, practical, hard-wearing and decorative qualities.


Mosaic 02

Earthglass Mosaic

Wetroom floor: Earthglass mosaics are an excellent choice for a wetroom floor as they possess non-slip features, are hardwearing and can be easily laid on the sloping floor towards the drainage system. The increase in spa and wellness facilities in hotels will welcome the many benefits of mosaic tiles.

Antique Pearl Mosaics

Vertical strip: A horizontal border adds visual detail, but can cut a small room in half, drawing it in and making it feel smaller. A vertical border can add height and leaving some walls blank will make the room appear larger. The mosaic strip creates focus and can introduce an accent to the room design.

Mosaic 04
Mosaic 05

Natura Mosaic

There’s no limit: Mosaics do not have to be limited to straight lines and can be dotted randomly to make up a feature wall. Plus you can frame architectural features such as alcoves or windows. Mosaic strips such as the Natura series mixes strips of colour and dierent materials, also available in tiny squares.

Foil Mosaic

Striking Shades: Glass offers innovative designs and striking shades, allowing you experiment with bold colours. Give the design of your kitchen or bathroom an edge with colour and texture by creating the desired atmosphere in the room with the right choice of mosaic. The Sunbeam Foil mosaic above is the perfect choice.

Mosaic 06

Jewel Mosaic

Stone Mosaic Range: Combine the matt finish of natural stone with bumpy glass ‘jewel’ nuggets and you get a beautiful mosaic combination. The glass pieces are sporadically placed and have a magical iridescent shine on them. These Jewel mosaics would create an impressive and eye catching border.

There are many more mosaics available at Tileflair. Take a look at the different colours, textures and effects on offer. The helpdesk would also love to help you out by recommending some mosaic beauties for your project!


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