On the Beach

It is possible to capture and take inspiration from the coastal delights of our country and use them at home. You don’t even have to be a surfer, sailor, fisherman or life guard to appreciate these coastal inspired bathroom designs.

On the Beach

The relaxing sound of waves crashing against the beach, the beautiful sun rise and sun sets that twinkle in the sea, the powerful salt-filled winds that crash in your face and awake the senses may well not be a daily occurrence for everyone.

Beach 02
Beach 03

Antique Pearl

The calming blue in the Antique Pearl Aqua mosaic has a rippled effect reminiscent of the sea. The light is caught by the textured surface and adds an element of calming waters to your bathroom tile design. There are four different colours to choose from.


Elegant lives up to its name, the soft stone effect is reminiscent of sand dunes and at 1 metre long it will add plenty of impact. In the bathroom this relaxed but classy wall tile will look stunning when used with the coordinating floor tiles to complete the look.

Beach 04
Beach 05


The realistic wood texture in the Wood range is better than the real thing in terms of durability over time. Driftwood from the sea erodes, the Wood tile series will maintain its charm for many years to come. The plank size of 560 x 140mm tiles can be laid on the floor or wall.


The Chromo Blue combined with Perla White wall tiles in the Latina series are a beautiful combination, reminiscent of the seaside. The tiles offer texture and colour variety on each tile. The raised lines help highlight the colour detail on each tile, which has a brushed/ washed effect.

Beach 06