Patterned tiles will bring a whole new dimension of luxury to your home.


Patterned tiles have been around for centuries and for good reason – they bring instant impact and transform a room from drab to divine. But they are also very durable, which makes them a practical choice. Designers and homeowners alike are now taking full advantage of everything patterned tiles have to offer.

New England


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Pretty and Practical

With patterned wall and floor tiles growing in popularity, there is now almost any style, colour or pattern to choose for your home. The diversity of choice means that there is almost certainly the perfect pattern out there for you but how do you decide? Do you use pattern as a feature to create a focal point or use more sparingly to frame an aspect of your room? From striking monochrome to soft, pastel tones, here’s our guide to help you find a style to suit you and your home. The diversity of styles available means that whatever the style of home or room, there is a perfect patterned tile to suit it.


...impressing visitors as soon as they walk through the door

Patterned walls and floors need not be restricted to Victorian or Edwardian homes. A modern home or a plain space works just as well with patterned tiles. A small room will work better with a more intricate pattern, while a larger pattern will hold its own and make more of a statement in a sizable room without feeling too overbearing. Spacious hallways are perfect for being exuberant with a large patterned floor tile, impressing visitors as soon as they walk through the door.


Walls and Floors

Use bold pattern on the floor to create a real statement and transform a room, or use a soft, pastel pattern on a bedroom wall for a unique, European look.

Patterned tiles can take your washroom to wow. You can really go to town with the monochrome beauties in the New England range. Or for a softer pastel look, the Bordeaux Toulon patterned tile looks beautiful, as shown in this bathroom, especially with the Victorian style radiator and taps. And the Bordeaux Bianco Paris patterned tile creates a style feature out of this shower cubicle. Even a stairway can be brought to life with the use of some Quilt Patchwork Random Décor tiles.


Something Different

You can get creative with pattern too by using a plain tile next to a patterned tile to delineate separate functional areas and to give some contrast to an area you wish to highlight or create a rug effect underneath a kitchen table. Take the pattern up the wall in your bathroom to form a stunning backdrop to your feature bath. The beauty of floor and wall patterned tiles is that not only do they transform a space into something beautiful but because they are made from glazed porcelain, they are also easy to clean, practical and hardwearing so are great for a home with young children, pets or muddy boots.

View our Patterned Tiles and find the colour and design for your dream decor.

Rug effect and borders

As homeowners continue to favour open plan living, patterned floor tiles can be used to create zones and clearly separate kitchen and dining areas. If you’re looking to introduce pattern in a more minimalist way, consider creating a border feature around the outside of a room using complementary plain coloured tiles to co-ordinate. A splash of colour with supporting neutral tones can really lift an otherwise conventional tiled floor. A patterned floor or wall needs careful consideration – choosing the perfect tile is not a decision that should be taken lightly – but, choose wisely, and your patterned floor tiles will bring a whole new dimension of luxury to your home.

Bring a kitchen to life

A functional kitchen can be brought to life and transformed into something truly unique with an energetic, patterned tile. Use bold pattern as a splashback to completely change the look of a kitchen, or as a feature wall to create a talking point at your next dinner party.

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