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The look for 2015 is set to be eclectic. Colours, textures and finishes will be mixed and matched. As people spend more time in their kitchens, neutral colours like whites, greys and creams that are easy to live with, and can be updated with accessories as new trends emerge, are becoming more popular as the basis of a scheme. Kitchen wall tiles and floor tiles can be as safe or as daring as your room scheme will allow. Dark greys, popular right now on kitchen islands are showing no sign of abating and dark blues in the feel of Scandinavian design is an emerging trend, giving a sense of drama and warmth. Pale browns, subtle greys and soft greens are also popular for adding chic touches to kitchen schemes.

Beach Style Kitchen by South East Interior Designers & Decorators LEIVARS

Interest can be added to neutral schemes with details such as industrial lighting and coloured tiles as splash backs, which work well with the concrete and composite worktops that are increasing in popularity. The braver among us are showing more interest in patterned and colourful wall and floor tiles, especially if reflected in steel surfaces. Flashes of bright colour on shelves and in cupboards give a dynamic edge.

Quilt Patchwork and Patterned TilesQuilt Tile Range

The popularity of natural and raw materials is increasing with warmth added to kitchens with wood cabinets and shelves, tables and chairs. The endurance of stone worktops and floor tiles are also popular at the moment. Add natural metal elements to this for a rich comforting feel.

Farmhouse Kitchen by South West Interior Designers & Decorators Inspired Design Ltd

Our choice of materials, textures and colours are indicators of our individual style preferences and with the current trend for eclectic we have much scope for creating an individual look. Start with the flooring because that will be the canvas upon which our design will be fashioned. Stone and tile finishes provide an good choice for kitchen floors as they are durable, come in a variety of styles and give a timeless feel to a room. Large tiles in particular, laid in a uniform pattern can work as a setting for both contemporary and classical designs with our choice of colours, cabinets, and hardware to define the space and make it our own.