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What style tile for a Shaker style kitchen?

The Shaker style kitchen retains the timeless function, flair and durability of the original shaker purpose, so why go and spoil a beautiful Shaker kitchen with overly fussy or decorative wall and floor tiles? We want our tiles to showcase the appeal and charm of these stylish kitchens.

Versatile enough to suit both high-end home decor or eclectic mix-and-match furnishings Shaker cabinets are simple and unadorned. With simple recessed panels and round knobs, only straight angles that are both solid and graceful - there are no curves or superfluous details. The wall and floor tiles that accent this style rather than overwhelm it are equally simple and graceful.

A splash back of glossy white tiles like our Michelino White or our Marylebone White look very much at home in the shaker kitchen, their simplicity and clean lines adhere to the aesthetics of the style. These bright smooth tiles softly bounce the daylight around the room and contribute to a light, open feel kitchen. And, there is always the option to add some coloured grout to add definition to the individual tiles, adding depth and texture to avoid a too-sparse look in a large room. Our Brick White Metro tiles are a little more rustic with their quirky and uneven surface ensuring that the room doesn’t look too sterile.


Images above: Michelino White and Marylebone White

Our Montese Grigio Brick Style Metro Tile, a textured porcelain tile that looks like painted brick, giving a cool and contemporary look with its roughness contrasting with, and showcasing the smooth simplicity of the shaker kitchen to full effect.


Images above: Montese Grigio Brick Style Metro Tile and San Gimignano Beige

When it comes to floor tiles with a Shaker-style kitchen, a pale floor adds to the light feel that is synonymous with this style. Large scale porcelain floor tiles follow the Shaker rule of simple, minimal lines and understated style. San Gimignano Beige (it comes in a variety of other colours too) is the perfect large-scale neutral floor tile that does not take attention away from the Shaker kitchen. It sits beautifully and serenely in the background, enabling the Shaker cabinets and other key features of the room to stand out.

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