12.5x1m Schluter Troba Plus 8G

£246.48 each
  • Code: TROBA-PLUS

    For quick and easy outdoor tiles DIY Installation, Schluter Troba products offer self supporting tile pavers for your garden, patio or balcony.

    Schlüter-Troba-Plus-G ensures the safe drainage of any moisture from balconies and terraces:

    • Particularly well suited for combination with pervious mortar
    • Continuous sub surface space provides ventilation and drainage
    • Passive capillary surface drainage
    • High loading capacity up to 39 t/m²
    • Covering is fully supported due to truncated conical studs

    Schlüter-Troba-Plus-G is a durable and reliable sub surface drainage system that prevents the possibility of capillary action. The closely positioned conical studs can withstand heavy loads and are covered by a water permeable fleece webbing. The studded mat raises the entire surface assembly, creating a continuous drainage area. Schlüter-TROBA-PLUS 8G is especially suitable for combination with drainage screeds.

    Schlüter-Troba-Plus-G has a height of 8mm and comes in a 12.5 x 1 m polyethylene roll.

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