BAL 20x1m Flexbone Varied Roll

£209.40 each
  • Code: FLEXBONE V

    The BAL 20x1m Flexbone Varied Roll is an advanced high load-bearing uncoupling membrane for substrates with limited movement.

    • High load-bearing
    • Waterproof uncoupling membrane
    • Accommodates lateral movement

    A fast-track system, it can be used for a number of installations including heavy trafficked areas. Includes patented GripLock technology for greatest adhesive shear strength (50% better than other cavity mats) and unique bone structure enabling high flexibility and excellent deformability. High shear strength provides for higher levels of lateral movement. Special fleece provides for vapour pressure compensation.

    • Saving you time and money. BAL Flexbone VAried needs less adhesive on the face of the mat, with circa 30% faster application!
    • Because it is waterproof, it is perfect for use in wet areas and no additional tanking is needed.
    • Perfect for high load bearing commercial projects such as shopping malls, airports, car showrooms, office buildings and hospitals.

    The BAL Flexbone Varied 1x2m Roll is also available, as well as the BAL Flexbone 2EASY 20x1m Roll and the 1x2m roll at Tileflair.

    The Tileflair Helpdesk are happy to recommend products specific to your tiling project.

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