BAL 20x1m Flexbone 2EASY Roll

£299.64 each
  • Code: FLEXBONE 2

    A bonded uncoupling mat system for problem floors, new solutions are VAried and 2Easy.

    BAL Flexbone 2Easy is a unique floating uncoupling mat where no adhesive is needed underneath – a truly uncoupled system! Because it is floating, only basic preparation is needed – simply sweep or vacuum solid, level floors and lay the mat.

    No remove of residue, bitumen or laitance. No priming needed.

    Tile immediately to contaminated, stained or cracked screeds and over bitumen. Fast-track tiling on new anhydrite and sand:cement screeds that aren’t cured as moisture evaporates through covering joints.

    • Perfect for light commercial and domestic projects,
    • Saves you time and money.
    • Save a massive 2kg/m2 on adhesive compared to bonded mats, plus save on primer and preparation tools and products!
    • Perfect for rental properties, heritage projects and retail stores.
    • Plus because it is truly uncoupled, the tiled surface can be easily removed and replaced.

    The BAL Flexbone 2EASY 2x1m Roll is also available, as well as the BAL Flexbone Varied 20x1m Roll and the 1x2m Roll at Tileflair.

    The Tileflair Helpdesk are happy to recommend products specific to your tiling project.

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