Schluter TL PLV 60 Troba-Level Support

£10.20 each
  • Code: TLPLV60

    For quick and easy outdoor tiles DIY Installation, Schluter Troba products offer self supporting tile pavers for your garden, patio or balcony.

    Schlüter-Troba-Level-PLV 60 are adjustable supports that can be variably adjusted from 60 - 130 mm with an adjustment ring, utilising the two opposing threads. The identical support at the head (diameter 120 mm) enables individual stacking in combination with Troba-Level-PL 10 and -PLA 30. Assembly heights up to 520 mm can be achieved by stacking two or more Troba-Level-PLV 60 units. The support head is equipped with 3 mm connectors and features an additional perimeter spacer.

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