Benefits Of A Wetroom

A wetroom is simply an open-plan bathroom, where there are no compartments that can restrict movement and take up valuable space, such as a shower cubicle.

Benefits Of A Wetroom

A great space-saving solution

A wet room is an ideal space-saving solution; it removes the obstacles caused by traditional baths and shower cubicles, making it easier to move around the room.

This is particularly beneficial for the elderly, people with mobility issues and families. There is no visible shower tray but an integral gentle slope to ensure all the water is channelled toward the drain. There’s no need to worry about getting the floor wet in a wet room.

Wetrooms are also popular features in modern housing.

Easy to clean

What’s not to love about a room that’s easy to clean – the nature of the wet room being open plan and waterproof means that there is less in the way of bathroom furniture to clean.

Because wetrooms are uncluttered, there are fewer areas for dirt and grime to collect, which means that they can be easier to clean too. Especially if you’re using wall-hung sanitary ware, which not only eliminates awkward, hard-to-clean areas but creates a sleek, uncluttered look that enhances the feeling of space

Stay on top of keeping your wetroom tiles clean with a specially formulated porcelain floor tile cleaner to effectively clean porcelain without damaging the tile or grout. The LTP Multiclean Aftercare will product to help reduce the build up of dirt and maintain the look and beauty of your tile designs. This can be used everyday or whenever you clean your porcelain floor tiles.

The LTP Grout Protector Spray is the ideal product to keep your tiles looking like they should do. Simply spray over the grout and tiles and a protective barrier is formed to stop the penetration of water/dirt/oil/limescale.

Learn more about how to save time and energy keeping your tiles and grout clean moving forward, as well as cleaning grout that has become dirty over time.

Fully Tanked

The entire wetroom is fully waterproofed (tanked), so there is no need to worry about shower curtains and the like getting in the way, although a tasteful glass partition may be an option to avoid water spray on your fresh dry towels (or toilet roll).

Tile backer boards and waterproofing kits are used to completely seal the wetroom. At this stage you could incorporate a pre-formed shelf or niche into the backer boards. Niches are not only time-saving and practical, but also look impressive, especially with lighting.

Learn more about how to waterproof wetrooms on the blog Read all about wetrooms.

Beautiful Designs

For best results, a wetroom is almost completely tiled. Mosaic floor tiles can be ideal for use on the sloping floor of a wet room as all the grouted joints help to create a non-slip surface. For the best of both worlds consider varying your tile sizes throughout the room.

Remember to consider the grout colour, as it is a very visual part of the overall design.

Learn all about the Design Elements of wetroom tiles on the blog creating a wonderful wetroom and also see some creative wetroom ideas below.

With all the benefits that come with installing a wetroom, I would say that the most enticing is the creative freedom to design a wetroom of your dreams and stylish addition to your home. With the use of good quality, unobtrusive sanitary ware, and some beautiful tiles you can create something really beautiful.

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