Colourful Tiles

Colourful tiles can take your living space from a plain and impersonal neutral zone to a stylish and fresh space. It can wake up a plain décor or create an eye-catching feature. So, why not give your walls and floor the bold attention they need with some power-packed colour.

Colourful Tiles

There is something quite playful and exotic about bright and bold colour in our décor. Simple, no-nonsense shades give you’re a hone oodles of uplifting energy and spirit, whether it’s on the bathroom wall, the kitchen floor or a feature wall in your living room.

Check out our Pinterest Boards according to colour for some stunning real customer pictures, giving you some serious inspiration!

Spicy red

Energetic, passionate and fiery – red will liven up a kitchen working environment and always create an eye-catching design statement. This vibrant colour can really fire up your culinary creativity so have a backsplash in the Marylebone Rosso. These glossy, rich red metro tiles will bring the warmth back into your kitchen. But include masses of white to help prevent the look from overheating. But redcan add a sense of excitement in the bathroom too.

Check out our Red Tiles here (if you are bold enough!).

Colourfultiles 02
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Beachy blue

A lovely rich blue, which, when used as a backsplash serves as a dramatic backdrop to a crisp white kitchen. Or in the bathroom it will stand out proudly against the white suite.

These Miravet blue tiles look amazing in bathrooms, particularly with the coastal style accent pieces. We also have the ultimate in reflecting coastal cheer – our Antique Pearl Aqua Mosaic is a stunning blue glass wall tile that brings a whole new meaning to ‘wet room’.

Look at the vibrancy of the blue tiled wall in a bathroom. And blue is not just for the bathroom but will bring the kitchen to life too. The splashback with our Milano blue embossed décor tiles really lifts your kitchen.

Click here if you love Blue Tiles

Zingy zest

You can warm a room with orange, an energising colour that lifts the mood of the room. Imagine a Milano Orange splash back in your all-white kitchen to give it a little zesty zing. But orange doesn’t have to be too attention-seeking. The orange in our Bordeaux Troyes patterned tile makes a modern masterpiece of this living space wall, without looking too overbearing.

Restricting your palette to one or two colours can make it super stylish without overwhelming the room. The soft orange and blue of the Art Colours Island tiles make a stylish feature of this kitchen wall.

Orange tiles right here

Colourfultiles 04
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Stand out

Colourful, quirky and unlike any wall tile you’ve ever seen before, the Andy Pop Art Mosaic is inspired by the Pop Art movement of the 60s. It combines vivid colours, bold patterns and vintage popular imagery. These tiles radiate personality and are the perfect way to add colour to your kitchen. Each one of the tiles is a collection of mixed mosaic tiles that just pop with colour. Overall, the look is eclectic, modern and playful, and brings an immediate impact. Combine them with plain floor tiles and boldly-coloured fittings and furnishings to really showcase them.

In these days of greys and creams and whites, doesn’t it make a refreshing change to opt for the opus of a colourful palette? A single powerful coloured wall tile will invigorate a neutral space immediately. But don’t imagine colour to be suitable only for super-modern dwellings. Even in the most traditional of homes, the juxtaposition of a slash of red metro tile or a blast of blue creates a striking and surprisingly stylish effect.

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