Create A Boutique Bathroom

​The bathroom​ is one room that has the potential to really amaze visitors with your décor skill.

For a boutique hotel chic feel, you want both quality and impact so go for a simple neutral colour palette - simple whites and creams, and use dark wood furniture, and a decadent focus point such as beautiful wall tiles to create that all important wow factor.


Traditional Bathroom by Oakville Interior Designers & Decorators Lina Crawford Interior Design

In your boutique bathroom you’ll want to thing carefully about wall tiles and floor tiles – you want to go for the maximum amount of coverage your budget will allow. One whole wall of bathroom wall tiles is good, especially if it has plenty of texture for interest. A whole bathroom of tiles on the other hand, floor included, will look stunning. That said, if you have choose really vibrant wall tiles, use these sparingly, a feature wall, a behind-the-shower-console strip or a splashback paired with a more subtle tile elsewhere will prevent the look being too overbearing.

For floor tiles look for those that have impact but are eternally stylish. Luxurious natural materials like stone and marble can really make an impact and will stand out against a neutral palette.


Transitional Bathroom by Thornhill Interior Designers & Decorators Avalon Interiors

Add some bathroom bling. Metallic or reflective pieces in the bathroom add a decadent touch. An oversized mirror, iridescent wall tiles or an opulent ceiling chandelier for instance can bring sumptuousness to the room.

Lighting can be the make or break of your luxurious boutique bathroom so think carefully about what you want to achieve. If you have a wall of beautiful textured or mosaic wall tiles then you’ll want to show it off to its full effect so point some spotlights towards it.

For the ultimate in luxury go for a double sink and use stylish but simple taps and showers. Use minimal streamlined furniture for all your accessories, a boutique bathroom does not does do clutter!

Choose luxury fabric items like a plush shower mat and Egyptian cotton towels, perfectly folded and aligned, a la’ boutique hotel style.

Don’t forget those little luxuries – candles by the bath, quality soaps and other products. And hide away any cleaning products – you want the visitors to think your fabulous bathroom was effortless. Finish off with an oversized plant, many varieties love the steam from a bathroom and this will give a relaxed edge to the whole look.

traditional.jpg Royale Tile range

Royale Tile Collection shown above right

Traditional Spaces by Oakville Interior Designers & Decorators Lina Crawford Interior Design

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