Can You Put Floor Tiles On The Wall?

So, you've seen some tiles you love and want to know if it's safe to put that floor tile on your wall. Let's look at what is possible.

Can You Put Floor Tiles On The Wall?

It's an obvious statement but tiles are heavy and you really don't want tiles to start falling off your wall. Before you do anything, you need to know 2 things:

  • The weight of your tiles per m2
    If you're not sure, email or contact our Helpdesk and they can provide you with this information. You will also need to add 2-4kg per m2 for grout and adhesive.
  • The strength of the surface you are tiling on to
    Refer to the BAL weight restrictions chart below. As you can see, different substrates can withstand different weights. You can add strength to your walls by fixing a tile backing board, a simple but highly effective way solution.

If the weight of your tiles (combined with adhesive and grout) exceeds the maximum weight per m2 – we do not recommend using that tile.

Wall Substrates Maximum weight of tiling per m2
inclusive of adhesive & grout
Gypsum plaster 20kg/m2
Gypsum plasterboard direct
i.e. without a plaster skim
Plywood (WBP) Up to 30kg/m2
Lightweight tile backing boards* Up to 40kg/m2 or more, dependent upon type/thickness of board
Glass reinforced cement sheets* Up to 50kg/m2 or more, dependent upon type/thickness of board
Gypsum fibre boards* Approx 35-40kg/m2

The above table references the recommended maximum weight restrictions of each substrate. Chances are that you have plaster or plywood where you intend to tile.

If your chosen tiles goes over the recommended weight or you have walls that are not straight, which is very common with houses from several decades ago, then fear not - tile backing board may save the day. You'll see it on the table above with greater weight allowances.

Not only does tile backerboard increase the weight allowance for tiles, adhesive and grout, or create a straight surface to tile on making the design even and as intended, but it will also tank/waterproof the area as well. Perfect for putting heavier floor tiles on the wall.

Deltaboards are sold at Tileflair and come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, as are Schluter Systems Kerdi boards. Read more information about Kerdi Tile backerboard or feel free to contact the Tileflair Helpdesk for advice and/or a quote for your tile project.

There are some gorgeous interiors that feature continuous tile design from the floor to the wall. You can tile the entire room with the same tiles (obviously after checking the weight restrictions of the substrate) or bring elements from the floor pattern to a feature wall for added effect.

We have many ranges where you can put floor tiles on the wall, or simply choose matching wall and floor tiles from the same range.

Gordes plumb shown below in large format 750 x 750mm brings high quality, beautifully crafted, contemporary floor tiles at an unmissable price of £25.98 per m2. Vinaros cloud (bottom right) also showcases matching floor and wall designs, with additional texture and design options to maximise a professional finish.

Our Firenze range is a perfect example of how you can create a stunning room using large format tiles on the floor and the wall for a seamless look. At only 6mm thick, each tile is thinner than a standard tile resulting in less weight. Choose the natural finish for greater slip resistance on your floor and the polished option for a more sleek finish on your wall, giving you more flexibility with your design choices.

The Tileflair Helpdesk are always happy to help out with any technical query, so please contact us if unsure. We are here to help you get it right and provide information about tiles, tile weight, plus substrate and tile backerboard advice.

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