Can You Put Floor Tiles On The Wall?

Some floor tiles are designed to be fixed to the floor and the wall. Other floor tiles are not suitable for the wall due to the weight constrictions. So in answer to this blog question, the answer is not one size fits all! Sorry, I’ll try to explain why…

Can You Put Floor Tiles On The Wall?

If you wish to unleash the inner tile-geek in you, refer to the BAL weight restrictions chart below. Factors you need to consider include the surface you are tiling onto. Is it plaster or hardboard? As you can see on the table below, if the weight of your tile (combined with adhesive and grout) exceeds the maximum weight per m2 – it is not a good idea to use that floor tile on the wall. But as mentioned, it depends on the weight. One solution is to use a tile-backing board because it can cope with a lot more weight.

The Tileflair Helpdesk are always happy to help out with any technical query, so please contact us if unsure. We are the tile experts after all.

Bal Tile Weight Guide

You willl need to find out your tiles weight per km (the Tileflair helpdesk/ store will have this information) plus add 2-4km per m2 for grout and adhesive.

The above table has been taken from the BAL Professional Fixing Guide.

If you are unsure about which tiles are suitable for the floor or wall, or have any other question about your tile project, our friendly Help Desk will happily help! 0117 959 8888

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