If your home is full to the brim with plants, wood furniture and flooring, pebbles and seashells from the beach, and if sea-bleached driftwood washed up on the shore takes pride of place on your mantelpiece, then read on.

Embellish With Nature

You are going to love some of the selections of wall tiles we have that will feed your love of all things natural.

Qubic Qubic mosaic

Take a trip to any beach and you’ll find a world of treasures. Rock cliff-faces, with veins of colour running through them, with textures both rough and smooth, worn down by thousands of years of geological evolution to create the stunning coastline we have today. Pebbles too, washed smooth by the sea, come in an abundance of beautiful colours, all designed by Mother Nature herself.

Recreate this natural wonderland in your bathroom with the Qubic Amethyst mosaic. The iridescence of these mosaic tiles, which their colour spectrum of purples, blues and greens interspersed with the grey of natural stone pieces and complimented by the smooth and textured glass pieces are a pleasure to behold.

Consider too the Qubic Sand Glass Mosaic. These little treasures with their gold, silver and black quartz bring a touch of natural elegance to your bathroom or kitchen and recalls the varieties of stone you’d find on a pebbly beach.


The Highlights Glade glass mosaic, with its aquamarine colouring and its sparkling, undulating surface – as though the sun were reflecting off it – is reminiscent of a warm Mediterranean Sea. With these tiles in your bathroom you will be instantly transported back to holidays past.

For a natural stone effect then our vast selection of muretto tiles are reminiscent of the magnificent strata you’ll find on the rock faces around the British coastline. The Cut Ocra with its variety of grey and beige tones, and the Gorge in Grey are particularly stunning and will create a room that is resplendent in natural stone tones. These muretto tiles will look at home with any style of accompanying décor and will never date.



If you feel compelled to bring little touches of nature into your home to exhibit your love of the natural world then by adding some of our nature-complimenting tiles you’ll have a home that Mother Earth herself would envy. From wood-effect flooring (that is so much more practical that the real thing) to pebble-effect mosaic and strata-effect muretto, our tiles evoke earthy, ancient materials that keep a home feeling grounded but looking stunning.

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