Get Festive With Silver Trimmings

Metals such as silver, bronze and gold have been really popular in recent years due to their ability to instantly beautify any room with shine and shimmer. And Christmas is the perfect opportunity to introduce these elements. Here are just a few ways you can bring some Christmas glitz into your home.

Get Festive With Silver Trimmings

A touch of winter sparkle

Whether you’re using it to create a stunning feature wall or a modern bathroom update, our Monza Mosaic is a beautiful wall tile in an oblong-shaped mosaic, which contains glass, metal and stone tiles. It adds just a touch of silver glamour, without going overboard.

Are you a bit bored with neutrals and want to add some bling to your bathroom? Perk it up with a little sprinkling of Silver Strip Mosaic. These delightful strip mosaic tiles will work their festive magic to create a wonderland.

The Foil Sunbeam Mosaic, comprising of small silver and sparkling mosaic pieces will certainly lift a traditional bathroom scheme. Each mosaic tile is a cacophony of sparkle and will help catch the light, and fill the room with joyful charm.

Festive 01
Festive 02

Warmer sparkle

There’s something magical about silver, by its very nature it exudes the luxury and opulence of Christmastime, but if you’re not a fan – perhaps you think it too cool for your home –then heat things up with warmer gold or bronze. These lovely metal colours still offer that festive zing but are richer and more extravagant. The Diamond Bronze Multi-mosaic is a delightfully warm mosaic tile. It contains diamond and bronze-coloured glass tiles that cannot fail to make you proud.

For those who don’t want to risk overdoing it on the sparkle, our Jewel Gold and Bronze Mosaics are predominantly white tiles with touches of gold and bronze bling. And our Qubic Bronze is a warming mixture of silver, bronze and gold.

Festive 03

Combine with white and grey

Shiny and metal-like materials work beautifully with white, offering a fresh and exciting colour combination and that will inject a crisp and festive feel into any space.

A grey palette is lovely and has been a favourite in home interiors for a few years now. But you can shake up your grey space and wow your Christmas guests with a silver splashback of our Pacific Silver wall tiles. Or dress a whole feature wall in a swathe of them. These subtle, silver tiles are the perfect highlight to the grey palette, adding sparks of life to it.

These are just a few examples of how you can use sparkling silver and other metal effects in your home, and we have plenty more ideas where these came from. But remember that these luscious bright metals are not just for Christmas, they’ll look fantastic all throughout the year

Festive 04

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