Fall In Love With Patterned Floor Tiles

Using pattern in the home can be one of the most exciting aspects of interior design, they have a remarkable ability to add interest to any home; highlighting architectural detail, and can create an interesting feature in an otherwise blank room.

Fall In Love With Patterned Floor Tiles

But, should you lose your design inhibitions and find the confidence to use bright and bold patterned tiles then you will be rewarded with a space you’ll love.

The key to using a patterned tile is choosing one that works well in your home. The design of pattern should directly reflect the look and style you want for the space as it will very much define the room and become the dominant feature. Everything else will work to enhance and complement the patterned tiles. As a general rule of thumb, the more striking the pattern of floor tile you choose, the more neutral other areas are needed to give the eye somewhere to rest and to give the pattern a stage from which to shine.


Identifying features and motifs that are already echoed in the architectural elements of your home can help you choose the patterned floor and wall tiles that will have the best effect. For instance, a modern home or a plain boxy space with little embellished detail will suit geometric style patterns, whereas a room with rounded detailing in the coving will work better with rounded, more organic pattern.

Bordeaux Range

Inspired by the French love of rustic pattern the Bordeaux is the dream floor tile range for any pattern lover and it has a wealth of choice. From the geometric arrangement of Bordeaux Carcassonne to the floral extravagance of the Limoges – there is a tile within this range to suit any home and any taste. The subtle red and green tones of the Bordeaux Arcachon patterned tile, for instance, looks fabulous when placed as a rug effect beneath a kitchen table, and Bordeaux Dinan looks a million dollars on the floor of a boot room or a luxury bathroom.


Quilt Range

The eclectic nature of the Quilt décor tile is for the lovers of the casual but cosy look. With its variations of randomised colour and pattern, these tiles have too much personality to ever go out of style. Perfect for the feature wall or to create a particular area of interest. This tile suits a modern home with a country theme or a country home with a modern aesthetic, which is why they’re considered such a perennial favourite of Tileflair customers.

Artisan Decor Range

The Artisan décor tile is all about floral, but the beauty of this tile is the charm in its simplicity. Each colourway of tile in this range (available in blue, beige and grey) consists of a very simple palette, which means you can have pretty pattern in your space without it feeling too overwhelming. Additionally, this tile is matt finished, which means it doesn’t demand attention from the light.

It can be difficult to envisage a patterned tile within a room, but the first step is to understand the impact a pattern will have in your home. This can give you confidence to put together a scheme where patterned floor tiles are at the very heart of the design – to create a unique and stunning interior that you will fall in love with.


If you’re using pattern for the first time, visit a Tileflair showroom near you, where you can see a selection of patterned tiles on display. Alternatively, order samples online to help compare and contrast the different patterns in your own home. This will give you a better idea of how the result will look in your own home.

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