Heart Wood Dulux Colour Of The Year

Dulux has announced that its colour of the year for 2018 is Heart Wood, a lovely warm neutral with a hint of heather, and we just happen to have some gorgeous tiles to go with it.

Heart Wood Dulux Colour Of The Year

Heart Wood is described by Dulux as ‘somewhere between smoky taupe and dusky mauve’ and is defined as a neutral because of its versatility. It goes particularly well with other subdued shades such as dusky aubergines, pinks and greens.

If you love the colour of Dulux’s Heart Wood then you’ll easily fall for the tiles in our Hartingdon range, a stunning range of wall tiles, featuring Pebble, Misty, Overcast and Mineral – all available in a gloss or satin finish. These warm tiles have similar tonal qualities to the Heart Wood and work beautifully with it. Their subdued quality is due to the grey tones, which mutes colour, making it softer and calmer on the senses.


A kitchen, painted in Heart Wood but matched with our Misty Gloss wall tiles, an almost identical shade, or the slightly paler Pebble Wall tiles, a satin tile with tones of grey and pink, will create a home that is cosy and cocoon-like. Or contrast the Heart Wood with Mineral or Overcast, both quiet colours from the grey palette to create a bathroom with a sense of sanctuary and warmth.

If you love the look of Heart Wood but would like to retain a little light in your décor then this colour also works harmoniously with off-white or soft beiges like our Brick Blanco, Trend Moon or Mendip Beige wall tiles.


Heart Wood goes gloriously with colours from the natural colour spectrum such as browns, and greens which means that it will also coordinate rather beautifully with the green of our Edge Salvia and our Brick Olive. This combination creates earthy tones that work well with natural woods and greenery to create a lovely cosy atmosphere.

Energise the colour of Heart Wood with a modern contrast. Take a look at our Bordeaux Troyes, a patterned tile, which works in harmony with Dulux’s Summer Pecan 1, Dulux’s designer choice of coordinating colours.


The cosiness created by the combination of Heart Wood and gentle colouring of some of our own tiles, particularly in the Hartingdon range, is calling out for tactile accessories to complete the look. Materials such as warm woods, leather and soft velvet will finish the room perfectly, making it a warm and cosy haven. Perfect for curling up on those wintry nights ahead.

What wall tiles will you use with Dulux’s Colour of the Year 2018?

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