Make A Minimalist Kitchen Warm And Welcoming

Minimalism is characterised by its simplicity and often by its extensive use of white, which can look sleek and streamlined but can also tend to look and feel a little on the cold side.

Make A Minimalist Kitchen Warm And Welcoming

A minimalist kitchen is one that is lacking in clutter. It is unadorned with possessions and kitchen paraphernalia but for a few essential and treasured belongings – perhaps a coffee machine or a beloved piece of art.

The simplicity and extensive use of white, can look sleek and streamlined but can also tend to look and feel a little on the cold side. It is the usual objects of day-to-day living that make a home feel homely and having too little can feel a little soulless. So how do you have a minimalist space that still feels warm and welcoming?


The minimalist style looks great with an industrial element, and the perfect wall tile for an industrial vibe and oodles of warmth and character is our Montese Rosso brick style metro tile. This striking tile against a cool white minimalist background creates a statement wall that doesn’t detract from the understated simplicity vibe.

Eqrmcr01 1 Cream Reverse Metro Tiles
Habana Burgundy Setting


Pattern goes against the minimalist mantra for simplicity, but if it’s a modest, no-fuss pattern with a warming colour, then exceptions can be made, especially as pattern tends to add so much warmth and personality to a plain and simple room. Take a look at our Dwell range for instance. Don’t, for simplicity’s sake, mix two patterns in the same room, or the whole minimalist ambience will be gone.


An instant warmer upper, the warming tones of wood naturally add depth and character. Our wood-effect floor tiles are an understated way to soften a simple white room to stop it looking too stark. The Vancouver Nature Light Wood-Effect tile gives a plain room an earthy touch and adds a hint of rustic charm. This porcelain flooring is made to look like real wood but doesn’t come with the maintenance issues that real wood floor – you simply lay it and leave. Add extra warmth and texture with simple, warming wood furniture.


Textured wall tiles such as Lustro White or Michelino White Random Decor work well in a crisp, white room as they are interesting but not dominating, and they offer a simple alternative to a plain white wall. Mosaic is another way to add texture to a wall. By their very nature mosaic tiles, with their many grouted edges give much-needed eye candy to a simple room.

Minimal beloved accessories

It belies the whole idea of minimalism but having a few, well-placed items that stand out, and draw attention such as bold-coloured pictures, books and beautiful plants will give your minimalist home all the warmth and personality it yearns for. Warm copper colours are really on trend at the moment, and the use of it in lamps, shades or bowls bring a much-needed warmth to a stark white décor.

You can still have a gleaming white, simple handle-less kitchen and as long as you add just a few warming features such as wall tiles, wood where possible, and simply-patterned or warm-coloured flooring, then the simple character of a minimalist space is retained. Get the basics right, and you will have a home that is warm, welcoming and clutter free.

Take a look at our full range to see how you can add warmth to your minimalist home.

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