The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

Efficient, sustainable, cost effective. Now more than ever, electric underfloor heating is the smart way to heat your home.

The Benefits Of Underfloor Heating

We love tiles, and think they are the perfect choice for creating a stylish space in your home. But when it comes to the cold winter months, we agree that they don't always feel like the most practical choice for floors.

However, simply by combining your tiles with Amber Underfloor Heating, your space can become a toasty hideaway whenever you choose!



Underfloor heating is much more efficient than traditional radiators. While your radiator will likely heat up excessively to try and heat your room, the electric coils laid throughout your floor will heat your room quickly and evenly, and only reach the temperature you have set.

The best part? No heat is lost, it is all retained in your floor tiles. That means you can turn off your heating sooner, and stay warm for longer.

Cost Effective

With the cost of living increasing, we're all looking to make savings. Most homes today are heated by gas, but with spiralling supply issues in the U.K. and across Europe, the price of gas is becoming unaffordable for many. Making the switch to electric heating now could lead to big savings.

Everyone in the U.K. is receiving £400 off of their electricity bill this winter, so take advantage of this by switching to electric heating. It is also likely that the UK will continue to move towards renewable energy sources for electricity, meaning electricity will be the cheapest form of energy in the future.


Electric heating is undoubtedly the more sustainable choice. By choosing underfloor heating, you are choosing renewable energy and moving away from more harmful energy sources. That means you're reducing your personal carbon footprint and playing your part in limiting climate change.

Space Saving

Underfloor heating is the perfect way to save space in your home. With your heating gently radiating from your floor and evenly heating your home, there is no need for bulky radiators. Reclaim the space in your home!


Now your tiles are fully heated, there is no need to avoid areas of your home, or cover them with rugs to keep the cold away. If you have super stylish tiles you love the look of, you can keep them completely uncovered and enjoy the heat under your feet.

Other Benefits

Not only is underfloor heating an affordable, stylish, and sustainable luxury, the radiant heat also reduces humidity and air circulation, meaning that there are fewer dust mites and allergens in the air.

Find out more about the sustainable benefits of underfloor heating here.

For peace of mind, Amber Underfloor Heating mats also come with a 12 year warranty.

Choice of 3 Thermostats

There are 3 choices of thermostat available, which control the temperature and creates a comfortable environment; Amber Touch thermostat, Amber Pro Touch thermostat and Amber Wifi Smart thermostat.

You can control the temperature of your home remotely via the app on your smart phone with the WiFi thermostat.

Which Tiles are best for Underfloor Heating?

Obviously, the thicker the tile, the longer the heat will take to permeate, although once it’s up to temperature the tiles retain the warmth very well. And, providing a high quality system is used and installed correctly, your underfloor heating system should not have any problems.

All floor tiles are suitable for underfloor heating at Tileflair.

Imagine that comfort and warmth that comes with underfloor heating - that toasty toes feeling underfoot! Never again will you need to request slippers for Christmas. You’ll be more than happy to go barefoot and rug-free to get the full benefit of underfloor heating, and coupled with some of our beautiful floor tiles, your home will be stylish too.

The Tileflair Helpdesk will happily guide you through your options for underfloor heating in your home. Contact us for underfloor heating advice today.

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