Tile Colour Of The Month - Blue

Embrace the gorgeous calming colour of blue into your room scheme. Many shades and tones of tile blue are available to suit the interior style you desire for your kitchen, bathroom, en suite or cloak room.

Tile Colour Of The Month - Blue

Kitchen Designs

Blue has been a popular and stylish choice for kitchen cabinets, especially from the darker tones of blue and navy making a welcomed and modern change from traditional white furniture. This would look stunning with white metro tiles, to highlight and frame the furniture in the room.

Design tip: When incorporating blue into the kitchen, design options include metro tiles throughout the kitchen walls or incorporated as a splashback.

Blue Kitchen Tiles

Customer Pictures featuring blue tiles

Get inspired with the customer pictures below, using Tileflair tiles to create a blue tile design. Scroll along and see what is possible with blue tiles.

Metro Tiles

Blue bathroom designs can be metro tiles - light blue, dark blue and combined with white metro tiles. Remember to consider your grout colour as this will effect the overall look of the room.

Blue metro tiles are also perfect for kitchen revamps.

Design tip: Consider your metro tile pattern - play around with creating the look you want to achieve. Would the tiles look best horizontal or vertical? Straight-bond or brick-bond? Choosing your grout colour will also make a difference whether you want to highlight each tile with a contrasting (such as white grout) or a coordinating grout colour (such as cornflower grout) or even a harmonising colour (such as grey grout).

Blue Metro Tiles

Patterned Tiles

The beauty of our blue patchwork tile designs is their uniqueness. Placed at random, to your own arrangement, these tiles give an eclectic feel, perfect for creating a homely kitchen. You can also be a little indulgent by using the base and decor Artisan tiles on the floor, using the décor tiles to highlight an area of interest, under a table for instance, or in a hearth.

Design tips: blue patterned tiles create stunning focal points in the room - either as a feature wall in the bathroom, splashback in the kitchen or as a statement floor. The patterned tile range that you like should have a base/plain tile in the range as well to frame your patterned feature.

Blue Patterned Tiles

Geometric Tiles

Incorporate interesting geometric shapes to your tile design. This rising trend will give you a unique design that stands out from the crowd.

Geometric blue tiles

Unique Designs

You can incorporate blue wood effect tiles into a 'beach' themed decor with Drift blue.

You can also chic blue Marble effect tiles in large format high gloss, such as the stunning Rome Universe Polished in a large format 1200x600mm.

Different shades of Blue

Ranging from light aqua to darker blue and even indigo. Check out the full spectrum of blues here.

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