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Modular Floor Tiles

Modular Floor Tiles are a great way of adding interest and unique tile designs to the floor. Different sized tiles are fixed to the floor to form a regular pattern; usually 3 or 4 different sized tiles are used. It can be really interesting to add detail to the floor, where people may not always notice. In a regular floor tile design, tiles can be stack-bonded which creates straight lines on the floor. The difference with a modular floor tile design is that the eye lingers on the different sized tiles and does not follow a straight grout line to the edge of the room.

There are many different styles of modular floor tiles - stone effect in a variety of colours, solid colours and contemporary designs as well as country. Each modular floor design will come with a tile pattern template, available upon request. Check out our modular floor tiles page, which highlights some of our favourite modular floor tile designs. It is great to see setting pictures to bring the tiles to life and help you decide which tiles appeal to you.

All modular floor tiles available at Tileflair are shown here, browse through the different colours and styles available. The modular floor tiles shown in the video are Lansdown and Himalaya.

lansdown modular floor tiles himalaya modular floor tiles

Lansdown Modular Range

The beautiful Landown Modular floor tiles are a realistic stone design that has colour variations to add detail and charm to the floor. The elegance of the traditional soft stone can be continued outdoors as well indoors. Four different sized tiles are incorporated into the modular design, which come as a random colour mix. This can create the illusion of more space in the room, as your eye lingers on the pattern and colour instead of following straight grout lines towards the edges of the room.

Himalaya Modular Range

The Himalaya floor tile range is an attractive modular floor system that gives the appearance of natural stone floors with a textured appearance adding character and personality. The floor tile comes in three neutral colour ways, each tone designed to suit all interiors. Choose from cream-coloured K2, dark and mysterious Annapurna and earthy brown Annapurna for a truly stunning floor tile that will look fantastic whether installed in a kitchen, bathroom or conservatory. The glazed porcelain characteristics also make this modular floor tile the perfect choice for heavy traffic areas such as hallways or even outdoor areas.