No More Ply Mega Strength Adhesive

£10.20 each
  • Code: 5620

    NoMorePly Mega Strength Polyurethane Adhesive is recommended for fixing NoMorePly boards in conjunction with NoMorePly 25mm screws or 38mm screws. It gives an exceptionally high bond strength and foams slightly on application to fill small gaps. The water free formulation ensures that it doesn't foam excessively. As it is 100% waterproof, it is an excellent jointing solution in all areas including bathrooms and wetrooms.

    • Coverage: approximately 5 - 8 NoMorePly boards
    • Sets in 5 minutes
    • Comes in 310ml tube
    • Surface temperature range: -30 to 150⁰C
    • Solvent free & resistant to chemicals
    • Tested to EN 204 D4

    It can be applied to damp surfaces, and has excellent weathering characteristics. The adhesive adheres to a wide range of surfaces - most metals and a wide variety of wood, including engineered timber. It can be applied on both vertical and horizontal surfaces, due to its non-drip properties. When applied, the adhesive is clear allowing the applicator to see guidelines, then it cures to white.

    Using NoMorePly Mega Strength polyurethane adhesive to fix boards makes installation quick and now being already primed, NoMorePly boards are the fastest to fit in the market.

    For more info, read our NoMorePly DIY Installation blog

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