No More Ply 1200x600x6mm Board

£10.20 each
  • Code: 5600

    1200 x 600 x 6mm PrePrimed NoMorePly boards strengthens timber floors before tiling. They prevent tiles and grout lines cracking by removing the ‘flex’ in timber floors caused by footfall. Slim 6mm boards provide the same strength as 15mm plywood and so reduce the ‘step’ into the tiled area.

    1200 x 600 x 6mm PrePrimed NoMorePly boards are also water resistant, unlike plywood which weakens when damp. Plus, it’s also A1 fire rated for your peace of mind.

    Using Mega Strength polyurethane adhesive to fix boards makes installation quick and now being already primed, NoMorePly boards are the fastest to fit in the market.

    6mm construction boards are suitable for internal and external use. Impervious to moisture and A1 Fire Rated. The STS Construction Boards have numerous applications including over boarding timber floors prior to tiling as well as cavity closure, eaves boards, under canopies, or as a ceiling board where fire rating is required.

    More sizes and thicknesses are available upon request.

    For more info, read our NoMorePly DIY Installation blog

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