Bathroom Refurb Ideas

Perhaps you’ve just moved in, or you’ve been living with the same outdated bathroom for years. If you’re looking for bathroom refurb ideas and inspiration, then the first thing you need to do is decide how you’ll use it.

Bathroom Refurb Ideas

Are you a bath person, spending hours pampering, preening and soaking? Or perhaps have small children who love to splash around.

Or do you prefer a quick shower? If you can’t see yourself ever languishing in a fragrant bubble bath, then you might want to consider a wetroom.

Bathroom Refurb style ideas

Your next consideration should be what style you want to go for.

Calming Bathroom Inspo

Do you want soft and calming (conducing to a long, relaxing bath)? In which case, you could consider a scheme with lots of neutral, muted colours and perhaps some wood-effect to soften the ambience. Soft blue and green decors with natural features are recommended. Matt finish tiles also absorb and soften the light in the room.

See more blue tiles
And more gorgeous green tiles.

Putney Grey Lines Decor Setting web

Quirky Bathroom Inspo

Perhaps a vibrant and energising space is your cup of tea first thing in the morning? If so, then a monochrome scheme might do the trick. Are vibrant colours your thing to add some pizazz to your bathroom?

See more colourful tiles
Check out more Terrazzo
And patterned tiles here.

Luxurious Bathroom Inspo

Perhaps you’d like to go for a more luxurious feel to your bathroom? In which case make sure you have some classic pieces, such as marble effect for a timeless design. Together with some gold, bronze or matt black accessories ooze the luxury of a five-star hotel bathroom.

More marble effect tiles
And classic whites

Classic White Bathroom Inspo

Blancos White Gloss Setting Web
Social Brick New Blanco Setting FB

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