White Metro Wall Tile Ideas

White Metro Wall Tiles brighten kitchens and bathrooms and hold many design possibilities - matching or contrasting grout colours highlight or blend each tile, tile surfaces can add detail to the overall design.

White Metro Wall Tile Ideas


The Brick vintage metro tiles is a quirky tile range. Perfect for kitchen or bathroom designs that want something unique and memorable. Each tile is crafted differently so that no two tiles are the same. The bumpy edge and uneven surface cause light to fall differently on each tile, which adds to the overall effect of the tiled space.

Grout Colour

Grout: A matching grout colour is recommended if there are more dominant designs in the room (such as a feature wall or statement floor), whereas a contrasting grout colour, such as gunmetal, will place more emphasis on the tile design and each tile. Matching silicone sealants are also available to complete the look.

On the pictures above, #simplythenest opted for a grout colour different to the tiles, whilst #katyebh chose a matching grout colour.

Customer Pictures

Here are some more creative customer pictures featuring white metro tiles. Notice how the grout colour influences the overall look and what the tiles are paired with in terms of room decor.

Pvt Bevelled White Home At Number 60 Full

Statement Walls/Floors

White Metro Wall Tiles are an ideal choice to match with statement floors or feature walls as they do not take centre stage for attention in the room.

Embossed detail

Embossed patterns are a subtle and effective way of adding detail to the wall in particular areas of interest. Remember to have fun with your tile designs.

Subtle Details

Plus white metro tiles can have a detailed features to coordinate with the room scheme, Carnaby white decor tiles add detail to the wall. A variety of shades and tones also adds to the overall design of the room, as well challenging the traditional brick shape with a geometric pattern.

Habana White Setting Square

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